Maximising Your Impact Over The Telephone

Who Should Attend And Why

The workshop provides participants with the skills necessary to handle all telephone calls effectively and professionally. It is appropriate for anyone within an organisation who uses the telephone, as callers will judge an entire business on how they are dealt with at all stages.

The workshop will be delivered using a mixture of group interaction, trainer feedback and practical exercises including the use of telephone training equipment.

By the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

Project a positive professional image of themselves and ultimately their organisation, over the telephone
Select the most appropriate communication style to handle difficult callers and achieve the best outcome for the situation
Control a conversation with confidence whilst effectively dealing with the callers’ needs

Workshop Overview

Introduction and Objectives
telephone communication and its importance
focus on the specific needs of the individual participants on the workshop

Learn Why Positive First Impressions are Vital
discover how to create the right first impression
find out how you act over the telephone can be good or bad for the company

Discover the Secrets of Projecting the Right Image
find out the vital ingredients: telephone voice and manner
how to complement the company ‘culture’ with your own personal style

Skills of Communication: Part One
learn how to project your own personality through your voice
discover secrets of maintaining professional standards
why you should involve yourself in the best solution for the customer

Skills of Communication: Part Two
uncover the secrets of questioning and how to gain commitment
learn the importance of active listening and the importance of feedback

Discover How to Handle Complaints Successfully
learn how to overcome personal issues
find out why it is important to be seen to take action
how to ensure there is a specific resolution

Find Out How to Recognise Customer and Caller Types
learn how to deal with distinct personalities over the telephone