Messaging and graphics
Your graphics should be clear, bold and attractive to the visitor. They will not read huge paragraphs of text but will respond to colour, movement and bullet points. Your graphics should say two things – who you are and what it is that you do. Think also about how you are going to fix your graphics to the stand walls – especially if they are modular. Remember you are only renting a shell scheme stand and therefore cannot mark or damage the panels as they will be re-used. Your exhibitor manual or contractor will advise on the best fixings and in the case of larger units they will also have to conform to Health and Safety regulations. Curved panels can be more problematical but you will not be the first to use them so there will be a known solution for you.


If you are exhibiting outdoors ensure your graphics are strong enough and if you intend re-using them strong sunlight may make them fade. People refer to the ‘fly-by test’ or the ‘6 second rule’ – your visitor should be able to look at your graphics and get your message within 6 seconds or your message could be missed. The advice here is to consult the experts rather than try to use something that you think suitable but that doesn’t work well in an exhibition environment.