Online Manuals
Most Exhibitor Manuals these days are available online. It is designed to make your planning and participation in an event as easy as possible. They typically contain a number of sections dealing with logistics, Health and Safety requirements, deadlines and order forms. Often exhibitor action checklists contain things to do and order as well as deadlines for securing discounted rates. They feature a show schedule including the build up and break down hours that your contractor will need to be aware of. Typically they contain information about age restrictions, display rules and regulations, fire and safety regulations, and also general policies applicable to the event; management contacts lists for organiser staff who you can call should you have any questions as well as any official contractor listings and order forms and rates for the various contractors such as audio visual, IT rental, floral, photography, security and temp personnel.


It includes details regarding exhibitor badge order forms, and any lead retrieval options. In some cases there are lists of hotel discounts and a map of the locations of the hotels from the venue as well as order forms for utilities that the venue offers. These include services such as electric, cleaning, security, plumbing, telecommunications and catering. It is also where you will find further information about order furnishings, carpet, rental options, signs and graphics, staffing and material handling. Sponsorship information, advertising, public relations and marketing information, including VIP tickets for your customers and prospects are usually also included. In short it should be your bible for all things event related!