Those planning to launch or about to launch or in the stages of a launch event. The workshop is equally useful for delegates who are running existing shows, as elements are easily transferable.

This two-day workshop takes participants through the stages involved in planning and launching a new show.
Time will be spent on the key principles and outline phases involved in launching a successful show, including how to avoid common pitfalls.


• General Principles
• Robust reasons for launching
• Location and timing considerations
• Visitor and Exhibitor profiling
• Defining and refining your ‘universe’
• Using Sponsors and Partners
• Legal considerations
• Avoiding Common Pitfalls
• Industry SWOT and trends
• Competitor Activity and Shelf Life
• Managing a launch – internal considerations
• Financial evaluation – budgets and potential
• Investing in new shows
• Using contractors
• Dealing with Venues
• PR and initial promotion
• Research
• Critical paths
• Checklists

Using case studies and syndicate discussions, the session is very interactive and designed to provide a good grounding for anyone entering (or thinking of entering) this market.