Course objectives

This workshop is designed for sales, marketing and operations staff that are looking at ways to maximise revenues. It will assist with enhancing existing, as well as negotiating new packages. Whether you are buying or selling, this workshop will develop your skills to ensure you maximise each deal.

Course Content Includes

Warm-up exercise
Objectives set for the course and the participants
Overview: The Principles of Successful Negotiation
Planning for negotiation success: preparation checklist
The negotiation process and the environment
Outcomes: desired and possible outcomes, and how to control them
Setting primary and secondary objectives
The shape of a negotiation: the ideal sequence of events
The qualities and behaviours of outstanding negotiators
Setting The Scene: Creating The Desired Environment
Identifying personal behaviour and attitudes
Amending personal style and behaviour to gain the best results
Initiating, reacting and clarifying behaviours
Specific Negotiation Strategies
Types of negotiation: short and long-term, political
How this negotiation will affect future relationships
The desired relationship with counterparts
Dealing with pressure tactics
Overcoming stalemates and deadlocks: ensuring a ‘win-win’ situation
Specific Negotiating Skills
Negotiating with contractors and suppliers
Internal negotiations between departments
External negotiations with ‘clients’
Techniques of Negotiation
High power questioning techniques: blockbusting and multi-level questioning
Precision listening and assessing values: gathering key information
Gaining the advantage: questions and language that encourage positive behaviour
Using time pressures to your advantage
The language of negotiation: glossary of powerful negotiation language
Advanced Communication Skills
Body language: effective use of non-verbal techniques
Defending against skilled, determined and confrontational negotiators
Avoiding provocation: protecting your feelings and the environment
Closing and continuing the process
Finalising the agreement and seeing it through successfully
Keeping the door open: exploring other possibilities
Personal Action Planning