Course Objectives

Open new doors faster, reaching decision makers with greater ease and success
Win the buyers attention, profile their buying motives
Deliver powerful messages through thought provoking questions, whilst building rapport and trust
Increase penetration of new accounts, and improve business and value of existing customers

Course Content Includes

Introduction and Aims
An opportunity for participants to illustrate their sales strengths and weaknesses
Selling: How to Eradicate Initial Obstacles
Learn how to deliver a positive first impression
Coping with assumption
Discover the secrets of confidence and control
Getting to the Heart of the Sales Process
Find out why people buy
Learn how you can provide reasons for the customer to buy from you
Selling: The Secrets of Communication
Discover the art of power questioning and active listening
Learn the power of mirroring your prospect/customer
How to use tone of voice and rate of speech to your advantage
Discover the Art of Controlling the Call
How to probe to ensure that you discover the prospect’s needs
Creating desire and maximising opportunities to sell
Learn how to read buying signals and act upon them
How to Present your Case
Buyer’s objections and concerns: a pain or a sales opportunity?
Discover how to involve your customers in a joint solution that benefits all parties
Selling: Closing the Sale
Learn how to close that sale in any situation
How to select the winning strategy