Do we need to talk?

Not everyone benefits from a mentor – finding someone experienced who you like and trust is important. When the buck stops with you, it can be a lonely and difficult place. Your issues may include:-

• Needing a sounding board
• Having a supportive and friendly source of advice and help
• Being able to step back to make changes
• Suffering the pain of change
• Developing yourself and your business

Benefits include:

As the leader of your business it’s often hard to know where to go for support, advice and development. Our Mentoring service provides a confidential and helpful place for issues to be addressed and for your own personal development. This typically includes support to:

• Reduce your personal levels of stress
• Keep the business on track
• Create a clear picture of your vision
• Ensure that your plans are realistic and realisable
• Identify and overcome blocks
• Be aware of the consequences of change

How it works

Mentoring is set up on an hourly basis, usually in half day blocks. Sometimes clients want just a single session to help with a specific issue, others prefer a series of sessions at a time to suit them. Whilst face to face support is most effective, we have also used telephone support when necessary.

Let’s Talk

The easiest way to see how we can work together is a call.  We don’t believe in a “hard sell” and often find that people get value out of the initial discussion – whether or not we go on to work together.

Getting Started

In advance of our first session it may be helpful to look at certain areas of your life / business to establish a framework. Not all of these areas may seem important at first glance and it is usual to feel that some areas are more important than others and some appear to be dependant upon others.  Answer as many or as few as you feel appropriate using this as a guide only. Feel free to add any additional areas you feel need to be addressed. It is helpful to think of where you are now and where you would like to be as well as incorporating any beliefs / values that need to be considered (spiritual, lifestyle etc).


Personal Goals  Relationship / Personal Life
Health and Fitness
Financial Planning
Travel & Relaxation  Hobbies / Interests
Business Goals
Overview (People, Departmental, Corporate)
Specific Areas  Projects
Financials  Timescales
Barriers / Obstacles  Start, Stop, More, Less
Additional Focus Areas