Business_Woman_WorkingWe work with clients in developing appropriate, and targeted training needs analysis to ensure that development is relevant to the needs and objectives of both the individual and the organisation. This service enables businesses to make well thought out and calculated decisions to develop staff.

Using different methodologies we typically establish the needs of the individual and their colleagues and those of the organisation. Most commonly we survey a cross section of your staff in order to achieve a balance. So we would interview someone who has been with you a while, someone new, someone positive and enthusiastic, one less so etc. In this way we build a representative picture of needs across the business. For sales staff, we also use an Index of Sales Judgement to ensure any delivery is at just the right level.

Sometimes we have the luxury of time – in other cases we use e-mail questionnaires. Added benefits mean we can also achieve buy in from the target population by involving them at an early stage.

Let us know how much involvement you would like and we can do the rest.