Course Aims

This programme is designed to assist those members of staff who are required to recruit into the organisation.

It is aimed at those who have the accountability for identifying the correct standards of behaviour, attitude, values and beliefs to comply with the corporate culture.

Course Objectives

At the end of this event, tailored for delegates will be able to:

Identify a set of standards required
Define acceptable attitudes, behaviours, values and beliefs
Produce questions to access values and beliefs
Identify methods for uncovering values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours
Test responses to situations, case studies and scenarios
Probe to establish true views behind traditional interview responses
Assess responses in an objective and non-biased way
Record responses for evaluation and integration

Course Agenda

The Legal Framework
Overview of legislation
Sex, Race and Disability Discrimination
Equal Opportunities
Data Protection
Interviewing Exercise to set the scene for the programme
Interviewers introduce their ¡§candidate¡¨ to the group
Setting standards
Identifying the model for the organisation
Examining core competencies and their relevance to Job Descriptions within the organisation
Defining suitable behaviours and attitudes
Questioning Skills
Open and TED Questions activity
Input on Three Level Questioning
Practicing probing exercise
Using case studies and scenarios
Devising appropriate measures
Assessing case study / scenario responses
Assessment Tools
Aptitude Tests
Personality Profiling
Practical Methods
Capturing Evidence
Effective Listening
Observing & interpreting body language and gestures
Examining language
Use of notes
To score or not to score
Preparing for interviews
Video Role-plays with Feedback
Decision Making
Integrating mixed evidence
Making a balanced decision against competencies and criteria
Candidate Feedback
Conducting feedback sessions
Compiling records
Actions Planning
Development Needs
Plans and Action Steps