Assessing and Improving the Performance of Others

Who Should Attend And Why

Suitable for managers at all levels who are responsible for the management of staff and their performance objectives across the year.

The course will give practical tools which can be transferred to the workplace and an opportunity to practice new skills and techniques as well as reviewing existing skills and styles.

By the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

Plan, structure and conduct successful performance appraisals
Fully understand the benefits of a positive appraisal
Build skills and confidence to be able to instigate performance improvement as well as identify and develop potential
Provide effective support and development

Workshop Overview

Aims and Objectives of the Appraisal
the purpose of the appraisals
positive appraisal vs. poor or no appraisal
understanding what motivates people
company policies and appraisal documentation

Pre Appraisal
planning and the appraisal process
desired outcome of appraisal for you- for them
identifying potential SMART targets
planning the interview
scheduling the meeting and allowing the appraisee to prepare
preparing questions for discussion

The Meeting
choosing the right setting and creating the right environment
following your strategy for the appraisal
skills of running the meeting – time allowed
steering the discussion to achieve objectives
effective use of verbal and non-verbal communication
strategies for improved questioning and active listening
giving, receiving and encouraging feedback
dealing with differing views
assessing and evaluating potential
types of development activities – and identifying the most appropriate
reaching agreement – achieving compromise

After the Meeting
how to monitor progress
actioning commitments made
offering help and support
where you go for advice and assistance