Increasing Return On Investment

By the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

Understand the importance of Business Planning and learn a leading edge business planning process
Analyse and prioritise local data identifying and integrating local environmental factors causing change
Develop action plans focused on the most important local market opportunities and risks and company’s advantages and disadvantages (MORCAD)
Use a number of models to aid both positive and negative feedback without being drawn into the emotion

Workshop Overview

Introduction and Objectives
understand what business planning is and is not
identify the shortcomings of traditional SWOT analysis
introduce the latest business planning process

Analyse the Current Marketplace
assess the current market situation using industry standard tools e.g. Boston Matrices; Porters Analysis; STEP
develop factual conclusions

Conduct an Environmental Analysis
identify likely future changes in the market place and local operating environment
assess the likely impact of these changes

Identify the Market Opportunities and Risks
maximise and capitalise on the most important Market Opportunities
minimise the identified Risks

Complete a Competitive Position Audit
identify sources of competitive advantage
assess the Company’s advantages and disadvantages
prioritise the company’s training needs

MORCAD Analysis
visually represent the current situation

Objective Setting
identify the Critical Success Factors
develop SMART, output-focused objectives
improve the accuracy of sales forecasting

Devise Relevant Action Plans
construct resource and tactical action plans to achieve the company’s strategic aims and business objectives

Assessing Return On Investment
analyse the financial return on investment of achieving specific objectives
complete the profit & loss / contribution account

Monitor and Control the Plan Implementation
highlight the required monitoring and control tools
identifying the optimal review periods