By the end of the workshop delegates will be able to:

Select the most appropriate approach to coaching and development
Learn how to improve staff motivation and performance
Understand the principles behind effective learning and how to apply them
Achieve high performance results through effective coaching

Course Content

The Purpose and Benefits of Coaching
how coaching fits into the performance management process
when coaching is appropriate

Planning and Preparation
creating a coaching environment
identifying and agreeing the goals for coaching
setting, meeting – and exceeding expectations

Coaching Checklist
why coaching?
when – and for how long?

Skills of Communication
moving away from demonstration to education
how to get your message across
gaining trust through empathy and rapport
effective questioning and listening skills

Conditions for Effective Development

How and why people learn
the seven laws of learning
skills of motivation
the role of praise and recognition

Preferred Learning Styles
assessing the individuals in your team
using empowerment to develop your staff
how to adapt your coaching techniques to suit different learning styles

Objection Handling
dealing with difficult people
barriers to change , to being ‘coached’ and to listening – and how to overcome
techniques for gaining commitment

Performance Monitoring and Enhancement
monitoring the coaching process and measuring results
evaluating success
identifying key areas for further improvement