Achieving Results with New Ways of Thinking

Who Should Attend And Why

People who wish to apply entrepreneurial thinking to their business approach. People with business or personal goals who want to learn the latest proven techniques and skills used by many successful people.

Anyone looking for a process to apply to business planning, goal setting and problem solving to ensure a strategic and focussed result. Managers who wish to inspire creative thinking in others.
Anyone looking for innovative ways of creative thinking.

By the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

Be entrepreneurial in their business approach
Access creative and logical parts of their brain
Create strategic outcomes and identify their motivational drivers to guarantee results
Learn the latest skills and techniques for maximising decision making
Follow a proven successful process which can apply to all goals
Create actions plans for success in both professional and personal life
Inspire creative thinking in others

Workshop Overview

Creating the mindset for innovative business strategy
Creativity, flair and innovation in business
Left and Right brain model
The power of influencing self and others
Inspiring creativity in others

How The Decision Making Process Is Influenced
self limiting beliefs
maintaining personal responsibility

Creating Strategic Outcomes
well formed outcomes for business strategy
the helicopter view
the power of visualisation and future pacing
becoming a visionary
the entrepreneur
identify your personal motivating drivers

Identifying Blockers and Problem Solving
identify the real blockers
controlling your own destiny
devise your personal development plan
removing the blinkers – the real brainstorming

Action Plans For Success
create your action plan for guaranteed success

Building a Positive Service Culture
discover how to gain buy-in and commitment from colleagues
learn how to identify, and overcome, weak links

Sustaining the Drive
how to influence and motivate yourself to ensure success
how to discover what your customers really expect from you
learn how to meet and exceed your customers’ expectations