Delivering Service Excellence – Getting The Payments In And Keeping The Customer

Who Should Attend And Why

This workshop is designed to help participants build confidence and develop the necessary skills and techniques in order to collect an overdue account whilst continuing a profitable relationship with the customer.

By the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

Plan an appropriate strategy for collection calls
Create a positive, professional and determined impression
Use motivation rather than coercion as a persuasion method
Collect the payments and maintain a profitable relationship with the client

Workshop Overview

credit control – process, strategy and psychology

Your Telephone Voice
importance of strong interpersonal skills
first impressions and personal effectiveness
voice quality, inflection and pacing

Listening Skills
types of listening, improving listening skills
levels of, and barriers to, listening
what the customer is really “saying” when under stress

Meeting Customer Needs
dealing with customers in a variety of emotional states
holding back ones own emotions when confronted with angry or abusive customers
guiding the customer to a state in which there is a willingness to pay

Telephone Collection Skills
pre-call planning, the basic steps of collection calls
getting through to the right person
your opening statement
precision questioning
handling objections
transition to payment arrangement

Getting Results
obtaining commitment to bring the account up to date
negotiating an agreement
closing the call

Personal Action Plan
each delegate writes their own action plan to enable them to transfer their skills to the workplace.