Delivering Service Excellence

Who Should Attend And Why

Good customer care is key to the success of any organisation. This one day workshop provides participants with the necessary skills to understand and exceed customer expectations in order to stay ahead of your competitors.

A highly practical day allowing participants to discuss their own issues and concerns in the workplace. Aimed at all staff who have customer contact.

By the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

Project a positive professional image
Resolve difficult situations
Effectively handle awkward customers
Turn a complaint into an opportunity
Assess, guide and exceed customer expectations
Contribute towards a team problem solving and positive support culture

Workshop Overview

What is Customer Care?
a definition of service excellence
why good customer service is imperative
the consequences of poor service
who are your customers – internal and external

Projecting the Company Image
the organisational image from your customers’ viewpoint
the importance of first impressions
the attitudes, knowledge and skills for service excellence

The skills of positive communication
learn how to use effectively the key skills needed for customer care
ensuring you ask the right questions
discover the importance and skills of active listening and positive feedback

Difficult Customers and Situations
find out how to deal effectively with the behaviour and attitudes of others
discover the secret of turning complaints into opportunities
helping the customer solve the problem
options and choices
protecting your emotions and working with those of the customer

Find out How to Recognise Customer Types
learn how to deal with distinct personalities over the telephone

Building a Positive Service Culture
discover how to gain buy-in and commitment from colleagues
learn how to identify, and overcome, weak links

What do Customers Really Want?
what customers need vs what companies think customers want
how to discover what your customers really expect from you
learn how to meet and exceed your customers’ expectations

Personal Effectiveness
identifying the resources and people who will help
building rapport for the future
staying sharp – even at four o’clock

Personal Action Plan
each delegate writes their own action plan to enable them to transfer their skills to the workplace