Strategies for Long Term Business Development

Who Should Attend And Why
Research has shown that the most successful sales people follow a defined account planning process, which helps them focus on their business goals and their personal drivers. They are fully aware of the needs of their clients business and identify potential blockers and create innovative solutions. Key account development is crucial for today’s sales people in the highly competitive and diverse arena of account management in the millennium and beyond.

The workshop gives you the account planning process to expand your business, skills and techniques to drive you forward and develop the most successful partnerships with your clients.
By the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

Identify high potential accounts
Implement a proven account planning process that works
Set strategic business goals, identify account and personal blockers and create business solutions for long term success
Realise the power of personal influence and negotiation
Workshop Overview

Introduction and Workshop Objectives
prioritise key accounts and make the most effective use of your time and resources

Understanding Your Account Environment
where am I now? – what influences this account?
what are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for this account?
what relationships do I have with each key player?
what internal politics affect this account?
what are their competitive needs and how can I capitalize on them?
what influences the decision making process?

Creating Strategic Outcomes for Business Return
well-formed outcomes for business return on investment
identify personal motivating drivers to guarantee long-term action

Identifying Account and Personal Blockers
discover what really prevents you from account success
skills, process, relationships, knowledge

Defining Solutions
create and define solutions for success
widening your vision for innovative solutions

Influencing and Negotiating
powerful strategies and techniques for influencing yourself and others
the importance of language, gestures and asking the right questions

Committing to Action

develop effective action plans for early and long term wins
on-going critical account evaluation