Course Aims

This one day workshop designed for senior managers to enable the effective delivery of vision and strategic direction through comprehensive communication.

Course Objectives

At the end of this workshop, delegates will be able to:

Recognise their personal communication style from a range of direct, spirited systematic and considerate
Follow the Change Curve in order to construct effective communications
Establish the best medium for the best message approach to communication
Identify the reactions of others during communication
Minimise miscommunication and hidden messages
Prepare fully for effective, powerful and energising communications
Recognise and utilise potential motivators
Deal with dissent without showing reaction

Course Agenda

Introductions & Domestics
Course Objectives
Understanding Communications
Transactional Analysis, N.L.P and Personality Factors
Personal Communication Style
Implications of different Styles
Recognising reaction to communication
The Change Curve
Communication Case Studies
The Importance of Planning
Top Ten Tips
Summary of key points for effective strategic level communication