The Effective Manager

Who Should Attend And Why

This workshop is aimed at people who have had little or no management experience or those who are about to take on a management role. It is also for those who may have been in management for some time without any formal training or for those who simply need a refresher. It provides the delegates with a grounding in the necessary people skills and offers a series of models to enhance communication and feedback.

By the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

Understand the dynamics of managing people
Know how to modify their style in relation to their individual team members
balance their activities between the motivation of their team and the achievement of objectives
Recognise the value of management as a support function

Workshop Overview


Role of the Manager
making the change to becoming a manager
what makes a good manager?
reasons for success and failure
best practice checklist for management as a support function

Foundations of Management
management styles and their effect

Management Vs Leadership
what makes a good leader and why we respond to them
why leaders rather than managers?

Action Centred Leadership
gaining the balance between goals and people

Motivation and Leadership
understanding motivation and what motivates- a personal analysis
motivation Vs incentivisation

Communication Skills
leading effective meetings
presenting difficult news
criticism and behaviour modifiers

Giving feedback
the value of good feedback
feedback as a motivator
three models to assist in both Positive and Negative feedback

Decision Making
sharing responsibility
gaining buy-in to decisions

Objective setting
understanding the value of goals and targets
ensuring a buy-in
the team member’s perspective of goals

The Upline
managing your manager
effecting changes successfully – (getting what you want)

Personal action plan
in which the delegates record and share the actions they intend to take as a result of the workshop. This is intended as the basis for a debrief with the delegate’s manager on their return to the workplace