Strategies, Tactics and Behaviours for Successful Negotiations

By the end of the workshop participants will be able to:
Understand the process of negotiation and influences that come into play
Accurately assess the possible outcome of your next negotiation
Create or amend the environment in which you are negotiating
Handle “hard as nails” negotiators on equal terms
Reach an agreement which suits the needs of all parties

Workshop Overview

Effective Preparation before the Negotiation
assessing your position and that of the other negotiating team
identifying best and worst outcomes
agreements, profit, volume or terms
identifying your ‘trade offs’ and their values
focus on the specific needs of the individual participants on the workshop
setting primary and secondary objectives
planning the strategy

Types of Negotiation

short term and long term
“one to one” and team negotiations
when to negotiate, sell – or move on

Negotiating Styles and Behaviours
qualities, skills and behaviours for effective negotiation
your style and the implications
influencing the environment
dealing with bullies and pressure
applying pressure – gently
amending your style and behaviour to get the best results

Questioning Techniques
information gathering, blockbusting and multi-level questioning

Precision Listening and Accurate Assessment
fully understanding the situation and the pressures the other person is under

Criteria for Success

establishing a “win-win” situation
positions versus interests

Tactics and Strategies used by Your Opponents
what your negotiating partner doesn’t want you to know
what if the person you are negotiating with has been on the same workshop!!!

How to Handle Objections and Difficulties
avoiding deadlock
dealing with manipulative behaviour