Course Aims

Designed for those who produce written outputs such as reports and letters for both internal and external use, delegates attending this programme will learn techniques to increase the impact of their written work.

Course Objectives

At the end of this event, delegates will be able to:

Summarise quantities of text into powerful paragraphs
Use lists and bullet points for emphasis
Represent facts in a balanced and unbiased way
Use business plain English for easy assimilation
Use words sparingly yet with accuracy in both writing and speech

Course Agenda

Introductions & Domestics
Course Objectives
The Point of Powerful Précis
The Communication Grid
Effectiveness Rating
Understanding “me”
Communications Style Questionnaire
Consider your audience
Identifying key points to capture and highlight
Scripting Exercise
Hints for Dyslexia
PC Based Materials for Disabilities
Challenges with the written word
Look at this list, say the colour not the word
Spot the Mistakes…….
How did you do?
Proof Reading Tips
Open Book Quiz
Action Plans
Summary & Close