Making Presentations With Confidence And Impact

Who Should Attend And Why
This workshop provides delegates with the key skill areas to effectively prepare, structure and deliver effective presentations. Any individual, who has to communicate information or ideas in order to inform or persuade others, will benefit.

Skills and techniques can be applied at all levels, from one-on-one meetings, to Board Level presentations. The workshop is highly practical and participative. There will be interactive group exercises and role-plays, and feedback assisted by Video Recording.

By the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

Prepare and structure a powerful presentation
Use appropriate behaviour to maximise the effectiveness of delivery
Build personal confidence and enhance personal style
Develop future presentations with an effective checklist technique

Workshop Overview

Purpose of Presentation
types of presentations
clarifying objectives
mind-mapping techniques

Pre-empting Audience Needs
audience profiles
differing audience types and their expectations
meeting the real needs of an audience


gathering material, information and data
planning the message, flow and presentation strategy
how and where to reinforce messages-support for your your case
avoiding the boredom syndrome and maximising audience appeal

Presentation Media
the tools available (including laptops)
selection of appropriate aids – notes and memory aids
appealing to all the ‘senses’ of the audience

Delivery Style
persuasive vocabulary
sell the ‘sizzle’ – voice control for maximum impact
body language – discover a few closely guarded secrets

Learn How to Handle Nerves, Before and During Presentation
The Secrets of Handling Questions and Audience Feedback
Checklist for Successful Presentations