Successful Project Planning, Implementing and Achieving Deadlines

By the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

plan, schedule and implement ‘project’ tasks effectively
allocate resources and prepare contingency plans
monitor and control progress and costs
Use a number of models to aid both positive and negative feedback without being drawn into the emotion

Workshop Overview

Defining Project Management
demystifying the concept

Aims And Objectives Of The Project
types of projects
why projects fail, methods for success

Steps to successful Project Management – the stages
objective setting
skills of running the meeting -time allowed
organising resources and informing others

Tools and Techniques
SMART objective setting
mindmapping and idea gathering
Critical Path Analysis – network analysis and charting techniques
building a critical path network
evaluating options
performance indicators
scheduling methods

Involving others
people as a resource
communication and meetings
effective delegation
staying on target
Further options for working with more complex projects