Making The Right Selection

Who Should Attend And Why
This event is designed for line managers or newly promoted recruitment officers. The workshop takes a practical view of Recruitment and gives an opportunity for both theory and practice through the varied presentation styles and use of Video Recorded role-play interviews.

By the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

Know the importance of accurate planning & preparation
Adopt a systematic approach to the recruitment process
Understand the importance of selecting for a specific role and person specification
Structure, steer and control the interview, whilst portraying the right image
Close the interview successfully

Workshop Overview

Defining the Job Specification
key duties & areas of responsibility
span of control & reporting structure

Identifying People Profiles
essential skills v desirable experience
minimum qualifications

Attracting Applicants
employment service

Preparation & Organisation
preparing the CV
inviting candidates

Short-listing Exercise

Selecting the right candidates for interview
case study exercise
identifying criteria
systematic approach to the short-listing process

Setting the Environment
considering seating
arranging reception

Preparing Criterion Based Questions
open questioning model
generating questions
linking questions to candidate details

Structuring and Conducting the Interview
introduction & process explanation
candidate questions
criterion based questioning

Recruitment & The Law
discrimination in selection
the question of age

Additional Selection Tools and methods