Understanding And Controlling The Complex Sale

Who Should Attend And Why
Sales Executives involved in protracted and complex sales where there may be several people involved in the decision process. This workshop will also apply to anyone selling at Senior Executive level. It will provide direction for Sales Executives in their dealings with larger organisations and will enable them to understand the benefits of structure and planning.

By the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

Recognise the value of prospect research
Understand how to document knowledge in a simple acceptable form
Strategise and plan an approach at all levels
Apply a business methodology with the prospect
Recognise the value and potential of any particular prospect
Analyse the outcome of a structured sales approach
Workshop Overview

Personal Objectives

Strategic Selling
what makes it different
defining the barriers and how to overcome them

A Planned Approach
research – sources and value
recording information – a model for retaining and maintaining detailed knowledge
strategies for success
running and resourcing strategy meetings

The Process of the Strategic Sale
a five step approach to maintain control
gaining the agreement of the prospect
the value of timing and pace
the collaborative approach

The Phases in Detail
using real examples the delegates will work through the case study in relation to their own business and market place and consequently understand the various phases more fully

the structure of a good proposal
the content of a proposal
collaborating with the prospect for an outcome

Style Recognition
understanding your own style
recognising the style and behaviour of the prospect
adjusting your style to match

an overview
preparing to negotiate
the stages of negotiation
the language of negotiation
the behaviours of a good negotiator

Powerful presentations
an overview of a sales presentation
the do’s and don’ts of sales presentations

Personal action plan
the delegates will produce an action plan to de-brief with their manager