Course Aims

This two day programme is designed for Senior Managers in order to assess the future strategy of their organisation, help with understanding current structure and challenges as well as predict and forecast changes needed to be fit for the future purpose. The course is practical, case study and activity based.

Course Objectives

At the end of this event delegates will be able to:

Benchmark the current  organisation
Identify via a SWOT analysis the future challenges
Plan a strategy for change
Communicate sensitively to those concerned
Operate within the Employment Legislation framework during period of transition

Course Audience
Senior and Middle Managers tasked with driving their organisations towards future goals which may involve changes of direction, reorganisation additional or reduced service offerings and who would benefit from a strategic input.

Course Agenda

Introduction & welcome
Reviewing the current demands on the organisation
Examining customer/client needs
Defining skill sets
Auditing current provision
Forecasting the future
Defining corporate mission
Setting key strategic goals and objectives
Selling the change message
Examining the differing approaches to change and coping with them
Understanding the Change curve and the journey through it
Communicating, communicating, communicating
Overcoming change aversion
Understanding the likely reactions
Identifying reactions
Recognising the root cause
Handling change aversion in a non-judgmental way
Staying inside reemployment law during change
Understanding redundancy
Selection Processes
Contractual changes
Summary & Close