Getting More From Your Day

Who Should Attend And Why
All organisations are working harder and are asking for more from their staff. However it is also essential to ensure that all staff are working most effectively. This practical Time Management workshop is designed to equip delegates with tools to efficiently organise their work and schedule tasks to ensure that they are making the best use of every working day. All staff can benefit from this practical, interactive workshop.

By the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

Recognise time wasters and know how to deal with them
Deal with interruptions and plan for those unwanted surprises
Implement a personal time management strategy that will enable them to plan, prioritise and set realistic goals effectively

Workshop Overview

Introduction and Objectives
what is good time management?
focus on the specific needs of the individual participants on the workshop

Personal Time Log Study and Job Roles
how participants currently spend their time (using pre-completed time logs)
‘job functions’ vs. ‘time wasters’

Discover the Secrets of Recognising and Dealing with ‘Time Wasters’
find out how tasks can be better organised, delegated or eradicated

Learn the Skills of Organisation
assess how much of your day is wasted unnecessarily
discover the secrets of dealing with interruptions
find out why greater communication means greater organisation

Smarter Goal Setting
learn what goals are necessary, possible, and agreed
find out how to make goals as specific and measurable as possible

Aids to Time Management
individual systems and procedures

Daily Routines
learn how to plan your day
how to make the most of office facilities and resources
find out how to handle your paperwork
how to ensure that you have a clear direction for the day to come

Discover the Secrets of Successful Project Planning
handling tasks that have to be completed in a certain time frame
learn a step-by-step approach to project planning

Managing Meetings
discover the secrets of good objective setting
learn about time allocation and scheduling