Develop Good Opening Lines

The market is now more competitive than ever with SMEs receiving an ever increasing number of cold calls.  You need your ‘elevator pitch’ to be succinct, human and to incorporate a benefit to the potential buyer within the first thirty seconds.

Ask More Questions

The secret of selling is listening not telling.  The more your prospect speaks the greater the chance they will reveal their needs and the better the chance your presentation will be relevant in their eyes.  It is the best way to make a good impression and more impressive than anything you can say.

Summarise Their Needs

Once you think you have established their need, rephrase and summarise it (them). The prospect will most likely realise they have a need after all, accept that you understand them and will be more receptive to your recommendations.

Test All Objections Before Handling Them

Buyers are Liars!  Sometimes to let you down gently they hide their true reasons for resistance behind apparently insurmountable objections.  Smoking out the true from the false will save time and boost your conversion rates.  True objections can often be overcome easily.

Close Sooner and More Firmly

ABC – Always Be Closing!  A customer will rarely beg you for the order so get into the habit of asking for it.  Direct, Assumptive and Alternate closes are still effective choices in the modern salesperson’s armoury.  The worst they can say is no – then handle the objection and close again!