All information obtained whilst working with a client is confidential and shall not be disclosed to a third party.


Impartial Advice

The company will at all times match the needs of the client with the competencies of their tutors, who are constantly assessed and evaluated by the company and their clients.


Contracted Tutors

The client will not (either directly or indirectly) utilise the services of any person who has been or is soon to be contracted by the company during a period of twelve months from the last date the services were provided to the client.


Course Fees

Agreed programme fees will be invoiced in advance of the start date. Invoices should be paid in advance unless otherwise agreed in writing.  In the event that terms are exceeded, an automatic 15% penalty will be added to the invoice total.


Cancellations & Postponement

In order to provide the best level of service to our clients the following refunds apply:

Cancellation within two weeks of start                  10% refund

Cancellation within one month of start                  50% refund

Postponement within two weeks of start               50% refund

Postponement within one month of start               90% refund

(Postponement will occur where the new date is within a six month period from the original booking, thereafter it will be deemed to be a cancellation)



When tutors are required to travel to / from a client’s office or pre-arranged venue, the client is responsible for:

Motoring expenses at £0.95 per mile

Hotel expenses (or subsistence)

Where appropriate air travel at business/club rates

Equipment hire (OHP, Video, Flip Chart etc.)

Venue Hire / Catering


Course Materials

All course materials remain the property of Answers Training International Limited, for the exclusive use of the client in authorised training programmes and may not be reproduced, copied or used for other purposes without the express written consent of the company or upon payment of the applicable licence fees.
The booking of a course will be regarded as an acceptance of these Terms and Conditions





These can be made by post, fax, e-mail or telephone. Telephone bookings must be confirmed in writing or will be regarded as provisional.  The booking should state the name(s) of the delegates together with the course date(s) and title, together with a purchase order number if needed.



Full information will be sent directly to the participants (unless otherwise arranged) approximately two weeks prior to the start date.



The client may substitute participants at any time prior to the start date.



Cancellations will be accepted in writing up to one month in advance.  Between two and four weeks notice will incur a 50% charge and cancellations within two weeks 100% of the fees.



Should the delegate be transferred to a later course there will be no charge in the first instance.  Subsequent transfers will be liable to a £25.00 (+ VAT) administrative charge.



Fees are normally inclusive of administration, refreshments, course materials and a light lunch.  Fees will be invoiced in advance of the start date, and should be paid before the start date.  Late bookings are welcomed if accompanied by a cheque.  A receipt can be issued on the course date.  Payments after these periods will incur a 15% penalty unless agreed in writing.



Where overnight accommodation is required Answers can arrange this on behalf of the delegate. Hotel bills are normally settled on the morning of the last day directly by the delegate.