Finding the right audience
Just like printed media, exhibitions are often audited, so if it’s high volume and high quality visitors you are looking for check that the audit matches your list of prospects. Try or ask the sales staff to provide a breakdown of the type of people who attend the event. For existing events they should have a list of past visitors and demographics.

See who else is exhibiting
If your competitors attend then it can be a good sign. If they aren’t then you may be able to gain market share by tapping into new areas.

Trusting the organisers
A sign of a good organiser is whether the company is a member of an association such as the Association of Event Organisers. The event may also have support from a trade body or association who sit on a steering committee to ensure that the event represents the industry.

Getting the right location
If you’re looking to expand into new areas then an exhibition can create an ideal launch pad for demonstrating or handing out samples – whether in the UK or overseas the location of the exhibition will have an impact on the people that attend and can offer additional opportunities for wining and dining.

Still not sure?

Why not go along as a visitor and see what you think before committing. Exhibitions offer a unique sales platform where you can meet prospects face to face. All of these visitors would have chosen to attend so in effect they are positively inclined to buy. It’s a well known fact that events offer the greatest return on your investment providing you follow some very basic rules.