Either through your exhibitor manual or directly by post, you will be sent your exhibitor badges. These will be printed with your name, position and company name. They should be worn during the show so your visitors can readily identify you and your colleagues. They are also key to your gaining entry on the days of the event and you will need to order one for each member of staff who will be helping on your stand. You will also need to order any contractor passes to allow your stand builders to gain access during build up and break down times. Along with these you may need car parking passes to allow you to enter the venue so you can deliver and collect material for your stand.


VIP Tickets
Your organiser will often make a number of complimentary tickets available for you to send out to your customers and prospects. If you need more do ask – often these are provided at no extra cost. Remember it helps both you and the organiser if more people visit the show. In some cases organisers offer a VIP service whereby you can nominate your key clients as VIPs. Their status will be upgraded and they will have special facilities made available to them, from swift check-in through to special lounges for them to relax and do some work. Some exhibitors are reluctant to send out tickets to their key clients because they don’t want their competitors to meet them at the show. Those key prospects / customers however, will probably visit the event anyway so it is better that they come armed with an invitation from you than from one of your competitors! Better still if they have seen that you were responsible for their upgrade in status.