Security and Cleaning
Exhibition stands are vulnerable to dirt and unfortunately theft – a situation worse in some countries than others. Organisers will have appointed cleaning contractors who are responsible for cleaning the common areas but who will also clean your stand if you ask. Whilst most venues are secured after the exhibitors have vacated for the night and security patrol regularly, most organisers and insurers will not entertain theft from clearly unsecured stands. If you have laptops, mobiles or product that is easy to steal it is best to either lock them away at the end of each day or make arrangements for your stand to be made more secure. This can range from a protective shrink-wrap affair that may deter opportunists, through to security guards who will spend the whole night on your stand. It is also worth checking whether your current insurance policy will cover activities on a stand or whether you need a separate policy just for these activities. Your organiser will have details of specialised insurance packages for exhibiting companies.