Wattage and Ampage
This is often an area that is taken for granted and overlooked. Electrical supplies to the stand can only be carried out by authorised personnel and so it is important you think about your requirements in advance. By this it’s not just lighting (spot, fluorescent, track or free standing) that needs to be considered but also more innocuous items like kettles and laptops and phone chargers need to be factored in. You will need special outlets to power a kettle or coffee machine and it is imperative you do not just order one socket and use multi-plug adaptors as you will create a fire hazard as well as risk blowing the whole circuit and causing a major upset to your neighbours! Either way you will need to comply with current I.E.E. and venue regulations – your exhibitor manual will have all the details. Again these will need to be ordered in advance and there are often penalties for missing deadlines so it’s best to get in early.