Terms and Options

Space is sold by the square meter and the basic stand package is often called a SHELL SCHEME. If you have chosen a shell scheme space you will already have a basic structure from which you can sell and promote your products or services. The standard height restriction of a shell scheme will be either 2.4m or 2.5m. This usually includes carpet, a fascia board for your company name and stand number and one, two or three walls depending upon your configuration. Often these are a modular construction typically with white walls and aluminum joints. The range is growing and all possible permutations are now available including a CUSTOM BUILT stand or SEMI CUSTOM.  Some organisers include lights and electrical sockets together with a combination of furniture. Check with them as this is not always the case and varies widely. You can select to hire the floor space only – this is called SPACE ONLY and it is down to you to design and build something that fits the space. Space only stands are generally taken by clients that are having a custom built exhibition stand. Space only stands can normally be built to a height of 4m before planning permission is required.This is usually the cheapest option as you have the added expense of filling the space. POP UP stands come from a variety of sources and typically involve stretched canvass and folding frames that create the graphics and ultimately partitions to your stand. At some events you simply have a space in a hall allocated and you are asked to provide a trestle table or at outdoor events permanent or semi permanent covered structures are the norm. In some instances it is possible to double your available space by building a DOUBLE DECKER – i.e. a stand with an upper floor. Height restrictions and the Disability Discrimination Act may need to be considered. When in doubt consult your exhibitor manual.
Number of Open Sides
Often you will have a choice over the number of open sides – four open sides are referred to as an ISLAND SITE.