Participant Profile
All those who are involved in the management of pre, during and post show activity of an event.

Workshop Objectives
By the end of the workshop participants will have the ability to fully breakdown all the elements of the process and look at positively influencing outcomes and effectiveness of attendance at events.

Workshop Content
• Why events?
• Choosing the right event
• Working with the organisers effectively

The objectives of an event
– Goal setting
– Quantifying returns
– Lead generation

Assessing pre-show activity
– What do we currently do?
– Where do we want to be?

The importance of first impressions
– Your presence
– Your people

– The objectives of the visitor
– Why and what they buy/need

Promotional materials
– Graphics and gimmicks
– Public relations and advertising opportunities

Conveying your message
– Attracting visitors to the stand
– Linking themes to objectives
– Stand design and layout
– Uniforms and dress codes

Post Show Activity
– What to do next
– Following up
– Evaluation