Course Objectives

The purpose of this workshop is to tackle two main objectives:

How to secure sponsorship (sales opportunities)
How to improve sponsorship opportunities (negotiating margins)
Whilst it is aimed at ‘decision makers’ who are responsible for negotiating directly with the potential sponsor it can accommodate those involved in the sales process.

Course Content Includes

Pre Course Work:
Aims and Introduction
Objective Setting Session
Initial Impressions

Buyers Motives:
Why do they Buy?
Why Sponsorship?
S.W.O.T. Analysis
Positioning and Defending a Premium Product
Defending Price
Setting Expectations
Predicting, Controlling and Influencing Outcomes
Sources and Opportunities for Sponsorship
How much do you need them vs. how much do they need you?
Win / Win Implications
Sponsor Profiling
Initiating, Clarifying and Reacting Behaviours
Impact on Further Business

Buyer Behaviour Styles:
Linking them to Your Proposal

Assessing Values:
Yours and Theirs
Assigning Values and Costs Exhibitions, Hospitality, Awards, Conferences
Other VAS – (Value Added Services)
Gaining the Advantage

Power Words:
Selling the Sizzle
Finalising Agreements

Buyer Tactics:
Pre-empting Behaviours