Course Aims

This programme enables delegates to use process tools to facilitate good sound decision-making in a work environment

Course Objectives

At the end of this event, delegates will be able to:

Define an effective decision making process
Check sources for informed facts
Gather evidence and data to enhance decision making
Identify problems and issues before they arise
Generate strategies for dealing with the unexpected
Recognise “risk” and work within safe margins

Course Agenda

Introductions & Domestics
Course Objectives
Decision-Making Skills
How do we do it now?
Decision-Making Styles
Decision-making processes
What would you do?
Groups in Organisations
Group decision-making
Decision-making in practice
Decision-making in groups
Major Decision Making Tactics
Group Decision Making Activity
Blizzard Exercise
Learning Points
The Manager’s Decision
Techniques for capturing ideas
Idea Capturing Practice
Summary & Close