Building Relationships and Dealing With Difficult People

Who Should Attend And Why
Anyone who regularly interacts with others, whether customers or colleagues; peers, subordinates or superiors, and feels they would benefit from a greater understanding of communication and relationship skills. Also, anyone who has difficulty with confrontation and handling difficult people. This workshop will ensure the participants feel more confident and are able to assert themselves in a positive and diplomatic manner.

By the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

Understand the differences in people’s behaviour and how to modify their own to accommodate
Filter out unproductive communication and uncover what people really mean
Be more confident in their own communication and be able to assert themselves when necessary
Understand the value of questioning and gaining buy in and control in conversations

Workshop Overview

Introduction and Objectives
your communication issues
your difficult people

Emotions and Effectiveness
understanding and handling your own emotions and those of others

Transactional Analysis
Ego States and Conditions

how your personality is formed: the roles we adopt
assessing your impact on others and theirs on you
confidence, shaping your future and building your self-esteem

Communication Skills
introducing powerful change
attitudes and paradigms
non-verbal behaviour, aspects of vocal communication and our language

Smarter Goal Setting
learn what goals are necessary, possible, and agreed
find out how to make goals as specific and measurable as possible
building rapport

Questioning And Listening Skills
finding out more about the views and concerns of others
levels of listening
listening barriers and filters
the easy route to agreement – strategy

Motivational and De-Motivational ‘Triggers’
the emotional balance sheet

Discover the Secrets of Successful Project Planning
handling tasks that have to be completed in a certain time frame
learn a step-by-step approach to project planning

Skills Of Assertion
techniques for effective assertive behaviour