The ISM is one of the fastest growing management institutes in the UK working with approximately 10,000 students and over 20,000 members. It is viewed by employers as a professional body for developing both the competence and credibility of their management teams.
The Certificate In Management is a competency based, modular development programme, which provides supervisors and managers with a comprehensive understanding of the principles and practice of management. Together with the development of analytical skills and flexible attitudes and behaviour, this will give participants the skills, techniques and practical ability to apply their learning confidently and successfully. It can be applied to the full spectrum of responsibilities and challenges that management are expected to, and will inevitably face on a day to day basis as well as in their future roles.

The entire programme has been designed around five management competency areas. These are:

Managing People
Controlling Resources
Developing People
The Legal Aspects of Management
The Syllabus Work-Based Content requires that each participant:

Completes five assignments
One for each competence area, four of which must be written – all to be assessed by the tutor.

A comprehensive project report
Concerning a work-based problem/issue, the subject of which will be agreed by the participant and tutor and evaluated by an ISM assessor.

An oral presentation
Each participant will be required to make an oral presentation of their project report to fellow participants and an ISM assessor.

Maintain a course manual
This will be used as a source of reference and vehicle for further development, and will need to be available for the ISM assessor.

The syllabus requires that each participant has a minimum of 180 hours of tutor led learning, excluding the assignments, the project report and oral presentation. The tutor led learning has been split over 14 workshop-based modules. During the programme participants are automatically made student members of the ISM for the first 12 months free of charge. On successful completion of the programme participants will receive a Certificate In Management and will be eligible for corporate membership as ‘Associate’ (AMISM) or ‘Member’ (MISM) according to experience.

Tutor Led Modules

Recruitment & Selection
Counselling Skills
Discipline & Grievance  Leadership & Delegation
Instructional Techniques Presentation Skills
Appraisal Skills Team Meetings
Time Management Assertiveness Skills
Business Awareness Legal Aspects of Supervision
Finance For Non-Financial Management Project Management Techniques

What are the benefits of this programme?

Improved relationships between management
Heightened staff productivity, motivation and team working
No mixed messages and conflicting practices
Improved organisational communication
Better use of company resources
Greater financial understanding and objective decision making