Course Aims

This one day workshop designed for mangers of staff who would benefit from enhanced skills of employee performance management, dealing with day to day challenges and issues regarding standards of performance and motivation.

Course Objectives

At the end of this workshop, delegates will be able to:

Set clear standards of expected performance at all levels
Define examples of acceptable performance from staff members
Clarify goals and objectives
Identify the causes of dips in performance
Recognise motivators and their impact n performance
Handle a performance issue both at informal and formal stages
Operate within the legal framework

Course Agenda

What is performance
Review of Job Descriptions
Skills, Attitudes and behaviours and their impact
The how rather than what of job descriptions
Challenging situations
Situations which managers struggle to deal with
Collecting evidence for feedback
Understanding Motivators
Reward and Recognition opportunities
Setting goals and objectives for Performance Improvement
Coaching for performance development
Dealing with high potential, high performance individuals
Using Development plans to maintain momentum
Getting formal
Understanding disciplinary procedures
Conducting a hearing
Summary & Action Plans