Producing Readable, Accurate Written Material

By the end of the workshop participants will be able to:
Gather information and quickly plan the report
Prepare an easy to read yet accurate, high quality document
Use a format and style which meets the needs of the readers and the purpose of the report
Develop personal style and get the point across in a concise and convincing manner
Understand and use, options for content layout
Develop a crisp, concise and individual style

Workshop Overview

Aims and Objectives of a Report
what is the purpose of the report?
self-generated vs. re-active reports
working with company styles

Your Issues
getting off to a quick start
avoiding putting it off
planning the message then finding the words
report ‘critiquing’ method

The Target Audience

who is the report aimed at?
meeting the needs of the audience: likes and dislikes
ensuring objectives: overcoming personal bias

Planning The Report
working to deadlines: planning backwards
managing the project: report design
mindmaps – your high speed assistant
creativity vs. analytical thinking – how to use both successfully

Ensuring Continuity and Structure
ease of reading: the tone of the message
ensuring that ‘the flow’ of the report is correct

The Content
where and how to use a synopsis
‘topping and tailing’ the report: illustrations, graphs and bibliography
organising a ‘reader friendly’ layout: the options available

Effective Use of Words, Grammar, Sentence Length and Punctuation
how to avoid ambiguity
using appropriate language for your audience

Post-Design Procedures
proof-reading: the advantages, dangers and techniques

Report Writing
Specific Case Studies – emulating good reports